Working GSD Litter Due in December: V Asko von der Sperberquelle SchH3 IPO2 KKL1 x SG Buranka Buranos Lobos BH ZM ZVV3 HIC CGC

We’re repeating last winter’s working-line GSD litter, which currently has three members training toward tasks with law enforcement, and are expecting an all-sable litter due in December. If you’re looking for an environmentally sound working prospect that will still be social and steady of nerve, we may end up with the right puppy for you. Now taking reservations (deposits only after pregnancy is confirmed).

Dare has highly successful debut in AKC agility!

Dare and Pam went to the 2014 DPCA Nationals to make her agility debut and ended up not only qualifying at all three trials but also did well enough to earn class placements in all three as well (two seconds and one third)! So we are proud to announce that Dare is now AKC Ch. BJF Truth or Dare NAJ. We’re looking forward to her having a long and fruitful career in agility and earning her ROM when a WAE is available in the area.

Sable GSD Female Available to AKC Performance or Approved Pet Home

We still have the sable female from the Vrisco x Erra 5-28-14 litter available here to either an AKC performance home (agility, obedience, tracking, etc…) or a qualified pet home. She’s a sweeter more compliant puppy that’s very social. Athena is currently doing touch pad work, socializing to a variety of environments, negotiating obstacles, and learning the basics of tracking. She will likely be petite as an adult as her mother weighs ~55#.