Past Dobermans

STADE_DillinAKC/UDC Ch. BJF Crescendo v Aquarius UD RA ROM CGC WDS3 SchH3 IPO3 AD T-1 D-CD VCX ZTP-V1A

Sire: AKC/UDC Ch. Chalmar’s The Big Red One SchH3 IPO3 ROM AD D-CD ZTP-V1A

Dam: AKC Ch. BJF A Midsummer Night’s Dream CD CGC TDI

Dillin (who was owned by the phenomenal Jill and Art Graves) is the paternal grandsire to Dare, the dam of our next planned Doberman litter in 2015. Living to just short of his 13th birthday, Dillin will continue to play a prominent role in our breeding program through his successful descendants.

Gunnar stacked

AKC Ch. BJF Gunnar Red Dog Red SchH3 ROM T1 ZTP-V1A

Sire: AKC Ch. BJF The Ransom of Red Chief OA AXJ ROM

Dam: AKC Ch. BJF Wind in the Willows

Gunnar, owned/trained by Wayne Tartaglia, was a paternal grandson of Dillin and was a 3/4 brother to Dare, the dam of our planned 2015 Doberman litter. He was one of only 9 Dobermans in the history of the breed to achieve both an AKC conformation championship *and* a SchH3 or IPO3. (And we are the only breeders in the world to have bred more than one dog on that very short list!) With only a few puppies on the ground, he currently has a daughter who is one of the top-ranked obedience Dobermans in the nation with breeder/owner/trainer Pam Burns, an AKC champion daughter bred by Bunny Lanning that’s now training in SAR, and another daughter working on her Masters agility titles with breeder/owner/trainer Dana Knecht.

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