Stud Dogs

The following are outside dogs we’ve used in our breeding program within recent years:


V Miky z Tresnaku SchH3 IPO3 ZVV3 AD Kkl1

(Czech import owned/handled by Weberhaus GSDs)

OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, DM Clear, MDR-1 Clear

Miky is a healthy and happy 10-year-old GSD still fertile and live covering females. He has a superb nose for tracking and is extremely calm when not working and very clear-headed when he is.

Asko SittingV Asko von der Sperberquelle SchH3 IPO2 AD Kkl1                (German import owned/trained/handled by Weberhaus GSDs)

Hips/elbows A Normal (ZW 74), DM Clear

Asko was the sire of Burana’s December 2013 litter from which Quest (training at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center) came and then her December 2014 litter as well. A slow and precise tracker, he was also selected for his steady nerves, strong physical structure, and dependable drives. This is the cross which produced Zilla, our up and coming female which we hope to incorporate.

Eiko Beast

Eiko vom Landgraf SchH3 IPO3 AD FH CGC ZTP-SG1A (bred/owned/trained/handled by Wendy Schmitt)

Hips HD-1 in Germany, vWD Clear by DNA, Eyes CERF, MSU Thyroid Normal (2015), PDK4 Clear by DNA for one DCM gene, Cardiac Normal by Echo/Holter by cardiologist in 2015. Full and Proper Dentition

Eiko is a true old-style Doberman in character, hard and strong-nerved. A superb tracking dog and intense athlete as well, Eiko is the sire of both of Dare’s only two litters (Spring 2014 and Fall 2015).

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