Our Dobermans

Dare Finishing at LADPCAKC Ch. BJF Truth or Dare OA AXJ

Sire: Ch. BJF The Ransom of Red Chief OA AXJ ROM

Dam: BJF Guilty Pleasures MX AXJ

(shown finishing her championship at the Los Angeles DPC specialty under respected breeder judge Barbara Bender)

Hips OFA Good, Elbows OFA Normal, vWD Clear by DNA, Thyroid Normal, Eyes CERF, PDK4 Clear by DNA for one DCM gene, Dings Normal by DNA, DM Normal by DNA, Liver Panel Normal, Kidney Panel Normal, Cardiac Holter Pending, Full and Proper Dentition

Dare has earned five different titles in the agility ring with Pam Harris since the 2014 DPCA National in Topeka (most often winning her class) and will, hopefully, be taking her WAE sometime in the coming year to complete her ROM. (News Flash!!! Dare was bred on August 11th with frozen semen from Eiko and will be taking a hiatus from high-speed, high-impact sports until she completes nursing. )

 A repeat breeding is planned to Eiko vom Landgraf SchH3 IPO3 AD FH CGC ZTP-SG1A for an all black & rust litter due in October 2015. Still taking a few reservations from select working homes on this final Dare litter, particularly for males.

2 thoughts on “Our Dobermans”

  1. I am interested in purchasing an all black male doberman puppy. I was wanting to get some information on pricing and look at getting on the waiting list for an upcoming liter. Thank you for your time


    1. Hi Stephen, if by “all black” you mean without rust markings, all of the dogs we raise have the color patterns as described in our written breed standard. We don’t produce any disqualifying coat colors. We do have a litter due in October 2015 that will be all black & rust puppies if you actually meant a black & rust puppy. If you’re interested in being on the waiting list for that repeat breeding for a working performance male, then it’s best to call us at the home number so that we can discuss the litter’s suitability for your situation: 620-465-3657. Regards, Julie


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